How to choose a scarf according to skin tone and face shape?

The origin of the scarf can be traced back to ancient times. The winning animal skins are given as rewards to those worthy of recognition. That is to say, the initial appearance of the scarf was not only for the physiological needs of keeping warm, but a kind of Spiritual comfort and encouragement. Scarves have evolved over thousands of years, and we have seen scarves of various materials, colors and shapes appear.


Modern people see scarves more as an ornament, and it is an indispensable ornament, and is sought after by countless men, women and children around the world. It seems a simple scarf, from the decorative point of view, its status is not lower than your clothing.

How to choose a scarf. Don’t choose the expensive one, just choose the right one.


1. The texture and style of the scarf and dress

Choosing similar materials for scarf and clothes will give people a unified and harmonious beauty. Such as brushed, wool, bulky and crocheted scarves that are heavy, suitable for sweaters, coats, down jackets, etc. It is not suitable to match with thinner clothes.


2. Scarf and personality, skin color

Introverts are suitable for choosing a scarf with a steady color, simple and elegant, and soft texture.

Those with a lively personality are suitable for choosing scarves with bright colors, personalities, and different colors and textures from the tops.

People with wheat-colored skin should not choose scarves with dark tones such as black, deep red, deep purple, and dark gray. You can choose light gray, lake blue, rose red and other colors. Helps brighten skin tone.

People with a yellowish complexion should not choose yellow, deep red, deep purple, or dark green scarves. These colors don’t match the skin tone, and the whole person looks very dull. You can choose light yellow, pink, medium gray, light blue and other light soft scarves.

Those with pale skin, congratulations, there is no color that you can’t control.

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3. Common Scarf System Method

The side ride method is the simplest and the least technical, suitable for when the weather is not too cold. Leaving the scarf on one side coolly behind you not only keeps warm but also plays a very good decorative effect. Free and easy and individual.

The circle method is also very versatile and versatile. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck, one long and one short on both sides, which looks casual and natural. It can also make the overall collocation more layered.



In the shawl method, the scarf is used as a shawl to match the outer jacket, which is also very good-looking, not only windproof but also makes the shape more changeable. And it has a significant effect.For example, this kind of scarf is suitable for this kind of system:Custom High Quality Thick Solid Colour Silver Shawls.

4. How to choose a scarf for different face shapes

For a rounder face, don’t choose a scarf that is too short or thick. This will make your face more round and fatter. Be sure to choose a long scarf with a long strip shape, which can visually have a sense of extension and make the face appear smaller and narrower.

Choosing a scarf for a long face is just the opposite of a round face. A long scarf will further lengthen the length of your face, and thus cannot achieve the effect of modifying your face. We can choose to wrap the scarf a few more times to make the relationship between the face shape and the scarf look more harmonious.

The most enviable thing about Guazi’s face is the sharp chin, but don’t do nothing when you wear the scarf. Don’t tie the scarf too tight to accentuate the sharpness of the chin. Also, leave a certain gap between the scarf and neck to make your face look more delicate.

Post time: Oct-12-2020