Warm personality accessories scarf

Even the carefully selected clothing, there are times when you are tired of watching. From various editions to different colors, it is obviously not wise to sweep wildly. The neck decoration with different scarves can not only separate the outerwear that you may have been boring, but also inject new styles. In the “Sherlock”, Sherlock Holmes’s black and gray scarf is matched with a black coat and cool and sharp; Tom Baker’s fourth doctor’s long color strip scarf in “Mystery Doctor” makes a classic college style costume more funny. Geek’s flavor, if you can recall the “Harry Potter”, the protagonists from the beginning of their school, they put on the scene of the Gryffindor College scarf, you may realize that even if the character has not yet Formed “primary school students”, scarves can always be used to show personality.71709f5b377531da1a7c3693013ee59c_1484839059_OZ4HIw

Post time: Sep-09-2019